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Unit 4222-264 The principles of infection prevention and control (ICO1/201) 1. Understand roles and responsibilities in the prevention and control of infections. 1.1 Explain employees' roles and responsibilities in relation to the prevention and control of infection. All employees have a role to play in the prevention and control of infection. It is important that we ensure that all correct PPE and cleaning chemicals are available in the COSSH cupboard such as disposable gloves, aprons, foot protectors, Anti bacterial sprays, Bathroom cleaner, kitchen anti bacterial spray, floor cleaner, hand wash, alcohol gel and correct facilities in working order i.e. handwash sinks, refuge bags and bins and so on. We ensure it is used properly, for example; coloured chopping boards, only used for what it is meant for red - meat, green - fruit and vegetables and so on. This helps avoid cross contamination and this applies to the use of different coloured mop buckets and ensuring that cross contamination and harmful bacteria doesn’t occur or spread as it ensures the environment is clean. We need to be clean and hygienic at all times aswell as promoting good hygiene to the individuals we support. As an employee we all have adequate training on the awareness of infection and prevention control and there are workplace procedures such as temperature checks, cleaning schedules, risk assessments and Health and Safety policies that we must all adhere to for the protection of everyone in the workplace. We are regularly required to do refresher courses on these and have to read and sign that we regularly read our workplace policies that are in place. It is also required that we report any changes to any individual’s health conditions that we support. We must assist in keeping all areas and equipment clean, tidy and free from infection hazards and if we have soiled clothing for

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