Health and Safety Assisgnment

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Howard Kennedy 20851018 Page 1 Assignment 40225/02 Health, Safety & Welfare Task 1 : Roles and responsibilities 1) In reference to the scenario given the following personnel to the site would apply: Client C.D.M Coordinator Principal Contractor Architect/ Designer Safety Advisers Sub Contractors Employees Each of the above would play a significant role with regard to health and safety. The Client Assess competence and resources of all appointees and employ only those competent and qualified in respective areas. Make sure work does not commence until a construction phase/ health and safety plan is in place. All information about the development land to be passed to planning and others concerned . Ensure suitable management is in place to provide adequate welfare facilities. The general logistics of running the site safely needs to be paramount . e.g. time , cost Howard Kennedy 20851018 Roles and responsibilities Page 2 CDM Coordinator To liaise with all parties involved about the health and safety issues of the project . Advise H.S.E of the project Investigate the capabilities of the chosen contractor and ensure they are fully capable of carrying out the work in a way to conform with health and safety regulations. Pass on any relevant information to the client. Prepare and update the health and safety file and have it available for the client upon completion. Prepare the initial stages of the health and safety plan. Principal Contractor Cooperate with the CDM Coordinator/ Planning supervisor at all stages of the project. Also to develop the health and safety plan. Make sure adequate guidance and information is given to anyone entering the site in conjunction with the health and safety plan . Supply relevant P.P.E to employees and give induction to

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