Unit 7 Quiz 3

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1. What question do you ask for claims of fact? * A) Did it happen? * B) What is it? * C) Is it good or bad? * D) What should we do about it? 2. What are the five claims? * A)Fact, Definition, Cause, Value, Policy * B) Support, Questions, Warrants, Characteristic, Argument * C)Proof, Argument, Cause, Policy, Support * D)Questions, Definition, Warrants, Proof, Fact 3. What are claims about value? * A) Claims made of what something worth * B) Argue that one person caused another thing to occur * C) What the definition of something is a settled fact * D) Argue against a certain policy approach to a problem 4. What is Claims of Definition? * A) Definition help categorize your topic * B) value involve judgments, appraisals and evaluations * C) State or assert that something is the case * D) the regard that something is held to deserve 5. What is Claims of Cause? * A)Established a cause-effect relationship * B)Must be able to be proven * C)dominates the argument as a whole * D)Appeals to the inherent moral values of the audience 6. What are the three traditional proof? * A) Pathos, Ethos, Logos * B) examples, Testimony, Surveys * C) Definition, Statistics, Narration * D) Explanation, Analogy, Ideas 7. What is a Pathos Proof? * A) Using emotions to get support * B) Using credibility to get support * C) using logic and evidence to prove you are correct * D) Accepting the audience beliefs 8. What is an Ethos Proof? * A) Using credibility to get support * B) Using emotions to get support * C) Using evidence to prove you are correct * D) Describing an idea or concept 9. What is Logos Proof? * A) Using logic and support material to prove you are correct * B) An arguer who demonstrates competence * C) Not appealing to the audience
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