How to determine whether a resource is reliable or unreliable

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How to determine whether a resource is reliable or unreliable The ability to distinguish between reliable and unreliable resources of consumer information is a skill that everyone should develop. Determining reliability becomes difficult when trying to examine the barrage of medical information that people receive daily. Many people see an ad for a new “miracle drug,” and think, oh, I need that or that might help my mom. It can be dangerous to use any type of medication without first consulting with a physician. Many vitamins, supplements, and weight-loss pills are not regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), and have not been properly tested for side effects. The safest choice is to ask a physician before beginning any daily supplement or over the counter medication. There can be drug interactions and other side effects that will affect people differently. The criterion that is suggested to evaluate this information is veracity, competence, credibility, completeness, recency, and relevance. These criteria are important in any research, not only in medicine. This consumer resource report is to show consumers why criteria are important and examples of reliable and unreliable resources of information based on the criterion that is given. The criteria is essential because it helps a person to know what to search for, where the information originates, whether the information is bias or unbiased, how current the information is, and many other aspects to consider when searching for information. Information comes in many forms, from pamphlets in the doctor’s office to television ads. The key is to evaluate the information given appropriately to see whether it can be proven factual and unbiased. Veracity is the first criterion, because veracity is seeking the facts. Is the information fact, fiction, or theory? If something is still being tested then the

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