Unit 7 Assignment "The Sandwich Blitz Teams"

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THE SANDWICH BLITZ "TEAMS" PATRICIA CASTRO The Sandwich Blitz has always had a traditional work environment. Now, with the possibility of expansion, Dalman and Lei should consider the use of self-managed teams. As apposed to the methods they've been using, a new work environment could increase moral and innovation among their employees. In order for them to create a collaborative environment, communication between the organization and the self-managed teams must remain clear. The leaders of Sandwich Blitz would be able to focus on growing their business and feel secure about the their employee's abilities. In the past, Sandwich Blitz operated using a traditional work environment. This means that managers typically determined and planned the work, jobs were narrowly defined, people worked alone, and risk taking was discouraged and punished. Basically, employees were on their own and even information was "management" property. This approach has not helped Dalman and Lei to make their stores self-sufficient. They've been spending most of their time putting out fires in each of their locations. In a new work environment, managers and team members would work jointly, measured risk taking would be encouraged and supported, and most importantly everyone would work to continuously improve methods and processes. The extra responsibility given to the members can lead to a more rewarding work environment and lower turnover. A team environment can boost the confidence of individuals, allowing them to do their best work. The more people work together, the more they learn and become better workers in their own jobs. The employees will have a greater sense of belonging and recognition, which will help them take pride in their work. Self-manged teams can improve The Sandwich Blitz' financial and overall performance. With minimum supervision needed, Dalman and Lei

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