Unit 7 Dalman and Lei Essay

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Self-Managed Teams Dalman and Lei have been experiencing some severe time restraints lately when attempting to handle the day-to-day activities within Sandwich Blitz. As we have seen, Dalman has had his focus pulled away from the expansion project to handle issues within the different locations of the company. Here we will take a look at the potential impacts when considering the self-managed team approach. Self-managed teams are comprised of individuals that are trained to handle most of the responsibilities within their department. There is no direct supervisor to report to, and individuals are provided with the capacity to make important decisions that would previously be handled by a supervisor in a conventionally structured organization. Due to the lack of organizational levels within the department (as in a traditional hierarchal administration), self-managed team configurations are often responsible for all aspects of the job; hiring new employees, termination of existing employees, and overall decision-making. There are many advantages to incorporating a self-managed team arrangement. The goal of this approach is to achieve a sense of mutual responsibility among the members, as well as to enhance overall productivity and efficiency. If Dalman and Lei successfully created these types of teams within each of the Sandwich Blitz stores, it would allow them to devote the much-needed attention to their expansion project. It would also create a more cohesiveness amongst the team members, thus reducing the overall amount of conflict and need for supervision. While the self-managed team structure can provide an increased sense of efficiency, it is important to note that these types of teams are more often found in a production environment. Dalman and Lei need to consider both the positive and negative impacts this style of management can have on their

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