Unit 633 Contribute To Effective Team Working

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Unit 633 – Contribute to effective team working in health and social care or children and young person settings Outcome 1 Understand theories of teams and team working 1.1 Models of team working • Permanent team. This is a group of people who support individuals on a permanent, everyday and long-term basis. • Temporary team. This is a group of people who work together over a short period of time, such as a temporary care package for someone with specific needs. • Committee. A group of people across different agencies, with different fields of expertise, who meet to discuss with an individual their wellbeing and matters of best-interest. • Organization/Work Force – A work force is a group of people within an organization where team…show more content…
Through an understanding of roles and responsibilities, team members build mutual respect. Mutual respect is vital for the healthy functioning of a team 2.3 Explain how the values of own organisation influences the working of your team Brandon Trust’s aim is to support and enable people to live the lives they choose, Brandon Trust sees a future where people with learning disabilities will exercise full citizenship with all its rights and responsibilities within UK society, where every person will be empowered and supported as necessary to safely live their life to its full potential. They will routinely exercise choice and control to the extent that they are able to, in all matters that impact on them without fear or barriers, and know what it is to be loved and to love. As a team we work very much person centred to fulfil Brandon’s statement. When a new tenant fills a vacancy we use their face assessment to make a document called a ‘Planning for Life’ so all the staff follow the same support plans so it is consistent for the tenant we support. Tenants are also offered a PCP (Person Centred Plan), so all the staff team know what they would to achieve that year and what goals they are aiming for. Legislation, standards and policies also influence the way a team work (Health and Safety Act, safeguarding, National Standards) as well as CQC and
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