Unit 6 Research Methods Project

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Unit 6 Project Correlational research is done by the researchers to establish the psychological underlying of human perception. This type of research is important in cases where the researcher intends to achieve two main things such as description, and prediction of a phenomenon. The data collected from a correlational research is commonly used to describe a situation such as people’s views about a certain idea as well as their preferences. Correlational research is particularly important when the researcher wants to draw a comparison or asses the coexistence between two variables that naturally occur. For example, correlational research can be used to describe the height of two individuals or personality trait of those individuals (Zechmeister, Zechmeister, Shaughnessy, 2001). Another example in which a researcher may decide to use a correlational research is comparing school performance and watching a television set. School performance can be measured by a researcher if there is evidence on how much time a student spends watching television at home. In the article analyzed, the researcher attempted to explore the eating attitudes and behaviors of college students as well as young adults. This survey method was chosen by researchers because it gives the researcher opportunity to describe a variable that naturally occur and gives prediction. For example, when research was conducted among college students, and young adults to determine their eating attitude and behavior, it was clear that college students and young adults are more at risk of eating disorders. The research also went ahead to establish problems associated with eating disorders and established that college students are vulnerable to body dissatisfaction as well as poor dieting. Correlational research also gives the researcher opportunity to predict what happens thereafter (Zechmeister, Zechmeister,

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