3.4 Explain Why Is It Important To Record And Report

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Unit 54 3.4 Explain why it is important to record and report on difficulties with access. It is very important to record and report on difficulties on access for a number of reasons. Firstly health and safety. If for example it is dangerous to access a client due to an unsafe environment, the client and the staff member could be at risk from harm and the issue would need to be addressed and risk assessments completed by the company. Also there may be serious risk to the client if staff have difficulties entering the house. If they client has mobility issues and cannot get to a door, they may be at risk from numerous things. The client may not be able to access food or liquids independently, may not be able to access the community without support from staff or may have injury. If the staff member cannot access the clients area, staff should immediately report to the office to get advice on the next steps to take, but also to receive instruction to make sure that the individual they are attempting to support is safe and secure. All difficulties need…show more content…
Whilst speaking on the phone to the emergency services, I explained that I had tested the clients blood ugar levels and administered glucose gel according to my care plan. Whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive, I also kept checking the clients blood sugars at 5 minute intervals to make sure that the emergency services had updated information. When the emergency services arrived, I opened the door and took the paramedics to the client, making sure to explain to the client who these people were entering the house and why they were attending. Whilst the paramedics were treating the client, I rung and spoke to the office and explained the situation. The office advised me to keep in contact with them and make sure they have any information needed, but also that I provide all information possible to the
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