Discuss Difficulties That May Arise When Implementing Anti-Discriminatory Practise in Health and Social Care Settings Essay

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In the health and social care settings, difficulties may arise when trying to implement ant-discriminatory practices. These issues may lie with staff or with patients who think they might be being discriminated against. In these situations it is the company or the managers responsibility to promote anti-discriminatory practise with the staff and patients. It is also important to act professionally and quickly against discriminatory actions that happen within the company. It is important that when implementing anti-discriminatory practise because there are different factors that could affect different people. The care is vital that they receive, and should be met at a high standard but it may not if someone is judged by their background, upbringing, race, culture, religion and even sex. The staff member responsible for the care may treat them differently due to being prejudice or having a problem with the person’s views. There could be a religious barriers when trying to implement the anti-discriminatory practise. In some religions and also cultures, women are seen to be inferior to men, this could mean that a male resident might have a problem with a woman caring for him and make it difficult for them. Also a there could be a female resident who can only be cared for by female staff due to her strict religion, this could be a problem if there are limited female staff or if any are off ill that normally care for her. Even though these are demanding, it is important that the staff meet the individual needs and respect their needs and
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