Unit 5 Assignment

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A2 Double Award Business Unit 5: Investigating Customer Service 2011/12 Unit Overview Customer service is one of the key aspects of any successful business organisation. The aim of this unit is to explore customer service issues and to examine the skills, knowledge and understanding required to deliver, monitor and improve customer service. Assessment evidence You need to investigate the customer service of two contrasting organisations, (eg small/large, private sector/public sector) and how each fulfils its customer expectations. You can use your own school or college as part of the investigation. Present your evidence in the form of a presentation using speaker notes. Your customer service investigation notes and a detailed witness statement from your tutor must support your presentation. Your work must include evidence of: (a) the needs and expectations of the two contrasting organisations’ internal and external customers (b) evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the customer service activities of one of these organisations and suggestions for improvements (c) research and analysis of how the chosen organisation maintains, monitors and improves the quality of services expected by customers (d) the impact and effects of legislation on the customer service offered by one organisation. Learners may work in pairs, but evidence of individual contribution must be provided. Introduction ▪ The following assignment will take the form of a presentation as well as a report. ▪ Task 1 will relate to two organisations Task 1A (0-10, E Grade) Customer Service is a vital function of any organisation. - Define what is meant by customer service - List the internal and external customers within two organisations -

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