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D1- Evaluate the usefulness of the documents in the interview pack for a given organisation, in facilitating the interview process Curriculum Vitae I think that the CV is very useful in the interview pack as it can help a business to have an overview of a candidate. As the CV containing short summary about yourself and your work experience I think this helps an organisation to see how your work ethic is like, which helps them when comparing to other candidates in the selection process. From my own experience at BP interview it helped them see what type of person I am and the qualification I have. The CV also let myself know that the information written about me wasn’t that appealing in the CV, so it needs to improve as I came across better in person. However as a…show more content…
From my experience I think that the job description and person specification helped me understand what type of employee Marriott hotel are looking for and the type of work I will come across. I was able to see what skills and attributes made a guest service associate and I was able use it to see if I matched those criteria. I think both documents help Marriott in the selection and recruitment process they can use it to help them compare whether the applicants applying for the job role match the job roles criteria etc. it can contribute to the management of interview process as within the interview the interviewer can use both documents to relate back to candidates CV and compare whether they fit in with the job roles if they are able to do the work given and if their skills match the character profile. Lastly it can help with the decision and selection process as based on the job description and person specification details the organisation can use it to compare all candidates to it and decide on whole fits the job role exactly and who

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