Mgt 420 Week 5 Individual Assignment

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Quality Management Organizations MGT/420 Managing Quality in the Supply Chain Quality Management Organizations In this paper we will research two quality management organizations, one national and one local that would positively enhance the implementation of a quality program for companies. The Malcolm Baldridge National Quality award which is oversee by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a quality management organization at the national level that has enhanced the implementation of quality management program for many businesses. On the local level, the Quality Management Branch of Texas Department of State Health Services has positive impact in quality improvement for health care providers. National Quality Management Organization Malcolm Baldridge Award is presented to organizations that have proven record of quality and operation excellence. This award is very prestigious and meaningful because it is given by the President of the United States. The award was first given in 1987 and it was established to raise public awareness of organizations that has successfully adhered to the quality management system that delivered quality products and services that are exemplary. Recipients of the award include small businesses, service companies, manufactures, education sectors, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations. The award signifies these organizations’s excellence in quality management, and their strive for perfection. NIST administers the Baldridge Program which cultivates a model of public-private partnership that focuses on helping businesses to improve their quality management deliveries (NIST, 2013). The program help businesses achieve highest level of performance, it recognize businesses that are proven to be the role-model in their industry, it also provides a forum for businesses to share their strategies
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