Unit 307 Essay

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UNIT 307 1.1 One of the main roles of any class teacher is to monitor the achievements and assess the progress of each pupil and report their findings to both parents and other members of staff. This is an on-going process and in the role of teaching assistant you will support the teacher during this process. It is important to follow the lesson plan to ensure the objectives are clear to both you and the children to understand what needs to be achieved to enable the assessment to be measured correctly. It is important that you as a teaching assistant has the learning expected during a learning session explained to you by the teacher so you are able to deliver the learning properly. 1.2 The difference between FORMATIVE and SUMMATIVE assessment is there are different strategies FORMATIVE assessment can be on-going; as a pupil learning takes place you can use different ways to measure. Using open ended questions, e.g. ask the pupil to explain how they are going to… Using observation we can see how a pupil is coping with what we are asking them to achieve, how they go about dealing with the task set, you can do this formally through direct observation or on a day to day basis in the classroom. Listening to a child explain how they are going to tackle the task set is a good way of understanding their methods. Listening to the answers given to questions asked is a good way to find out what they understand about a given task. Also children should be allowed to think about their achievements and consider what further achievements they would like to make and how they can apply what they have learned in the future. SUMMATIVE assessment is the other main form of assessment; it is used by a class teacher at the end of term or scheme of work. It is vital to know what pupils have learnt at particular times. This is in the form of key stage SATS or at the end of year
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