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207 Task B B1 Two ways of finding out about the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual using our service are : 1. Ask the individual about themselves and how they would like to receive their care. For example ensuring that people are fully involved in any decision that affects their care, including personal decisions (such as what to eat, what to wear and what time to go to bed), 2. If the individual does not have capacity then ask the family about their history the routines they used to keep and preferences or the people who have done the assessment about what they may need in their care package. For example if they used have breakfast a nine in the morning because they liked to lay in till then, they may wish to do this still but cant communicate that so by finding out habits from the family you have a better chance of fulfilling their wishes. B2 Two ways of making sure that the history, preferences,wishes and needs of an individual using our service are recognised in the care plan by; 1. By asking the individual to check the information that has been put in their care plan and including them in the writing of the care plan so that all their preferences, wishes and needs are in the care plan from the beginning. 2. By regularly reviewing the individuals care plan and what support they receive will ensure that the information and how they want to receive their care is correct. B3 A care plan helps social care workers to work in a person-centred way by giving the social worker an agreed way of working which takes the individuals needs and preferences into account it also provides all information on an individuals preferred way of receiving care up holding their dignity and right to choose what assistance they would like and need, helping the social care worker in a partnership with the individual. B4 Active participation is a way

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