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Level: 2
UNIT 1 : Promote Communication in Health and Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Setting
Write a reflective account/personal statement about how you promote communication and well-being of the service users you work with. Give examples of how you do/have done this.
This assignment is a reflective account of my first experience when assisting a patient to eat lunch. I’ll refer to this patient as Mrs C to maintain confidentiality and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. I will discuss the importance of non verbal communication when providing effective Nursing care to the elderly.
As a frame work for this reflection, I am going to use stages of reflective cycle: Description, Thoughts and Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion and Action Plan which will improve my nursing skills by continuously learning from both good and bad experience and develop my self confidence in relation to caring for others.
This was the first day of my placement. Lunch arrived on the ward, to be distributed to patients by the care assistants. The Nurse in charge told me that the trust operates a ‘protected meal times’ policy where routine nursing care stops and care assistants dedicates time to serving food and helping them to eat. She asked me to assist Mrs C with lunch.
Mrs C is a frail old lady, 95years old who suffers with Dementia and Diabetes and has Aphasia [Speech loss] and Dysphasia [Swallowing Difficulties]. She is being nursed in bed and because of her medical issues; she needs assistance with many of the activities of daily living. Having read the communication book and the care plan of Mrs C, to know more about her needs and how she prefers to be addressed, according to the Legislation Act. I went to her room.
Firstly, I knocked at her door, waited a while before entering. Since she cannot talk, I gently approached near her bed and

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