Mr. P Case Study

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Mr. P Case Study Approach to care Mr. P suffered cardiomyopathy for many years with no appropriate treatment that ultimately led him to Chronic Heart Failure (CHF). Non-complaints to medication and diet increased occurrences of hospitalization and an inability to function in daily life. Mr. P is in denial and that is why he is not taking care of his health. All his life he was a leader of his family, and now it is really hard for him to accept that someone needs to be helping him in maintaining an adequate life style. In his age, even changing his diet is big thing. With this in mind, nurses should find the correct approach to Mr.’s P care. Nurses should choose holistic approach for this patient’s care, which will include his wife and all the circumstances of their life. In this case, not only the physical condition should be treated, but psychological and cognitive as well. Treatment plan “Approximately 28%–58% of individuals with heart failure (HF) suffer from cognitive impairment, commonly identified as difficulty with concentration and/or memory” (Bauer, Johnson, & Pozehl, 2011 p. 577). Mr. P needs a treatment plan that he will be able to adhere, considering his cognitive decline. His wife should be included in his treatment plan and will have to become a leader from now on. When Mr. P admitted to the emergency department, nurses provide basic care in order to sustain life. Nurses should be recording vital signs, order appropriate laboratory work ups, put Mr. P on oxygen via cannula, put him on I&O, administer prescribed medications, and strict daily weights. Including his wife into his care will increase the chances of Mr. P adhering to a treatment plan at home. Nurses should explain why Mr. P needs a low sodium diet, and that taking Lasix is vital because it removes excess water from the body. Every single point of treatment should be

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