Unit 4222-202 Essay

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Unit 4222-202 Outcome 1, Understand what is required for competence in own work role? The duties and responsibilities of my own role include to treat service users, service users family’s, and my colleges with respect, the same way I would like to be treated. To communicate well with service users and my work colleges. To ensure that the service users are getting the correct care, and are safe and comfortable. I help the service users to get up in the morning, to wash and to dress them, some service users need more of a hand then others. If service users need help feeding I will do so, I also help service users to the toilet, as some are unable to. If I have any problems I will report to my manager or the nurse in charge. 2. Identify standards that influence the way the role is carried out? Standards that influence the way jobs are carried out are usually found in legislation regarding the job role directly, some of the standard setting legislation is as follows. * Care standards act 2000 * Domiciliary care regulations 2000 * Health and safety at work act 1974 * Manual handling operations regulations 1992 * Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 * GCSS Codes of practise for social care workers * National occupational standards * Safety (general food hygiene) regulations * Control of substances hazardous to health (COSSH) Describe ways to ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of work Ensuring that personal attitudes and believes do not obstruct your quality of work. There are so many different backgrounds that people can come

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