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DEM 204 Understand and implement a person centred approach to the care and support of individuals with dementia 1.1 Describe what is meant by a person centred approach. A person centred approach involves recognising a person's individuality, their personal history as well as their personality. It respects the individual’s needs, values and preferences. It tries to understand the world from an individual's perspective. It enables individual's to receive the care and support they need, in a person centred way and to be part of deciding the care that they will receive. Person centred care is good practice and helps to ensure that the correct and agreed care and support is given to each individual. No individual is the same and by having a person centred approach, it ensures that everyone is not treated the same, but in a way that respects their needs, wishes, preferences and values. Working to a person centred approach is essential in dementia care. It will help to maintain the individual's self-identity, self-respect and dignity. Person centred approaches involves hierarchy of needs, physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, self-esteem needs, self-actualisation and promoting wellbeing. Person-centred care also means treating resident with dementia with dignity and respect. Person centred care should be supported by relatives as well as all staff. All staff should follow the philosophy of person centred care as it aims to bring out the best in people with dementia. 1.2 Describe how a person centred approach enables individuals with dementia to be involved in their own care and support. A person centred approach enables individuals with dementia to be involved in the care and support that they receive. It looks at each person as an individual and is centred on the individuals’ own preferences, wishes, needs and values. It enables the individuals to choose
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