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Unit 206 Outcome 1 1. A working relationship is strictly professional, it is the relationship between you and someone at work. A personal relationship is a relationship with someone that you care about and spend time with outside of work. The difference between a working relationship and personal is that with a working relationship you wouldn’t involve your personal life. 2. There are many different working relationships in the health and social care setting. There is the relationship between you and your manager and members of the team you work in. You may not get on with all the members of the team but you should still try to keep things professional. There is also the working relationship between you and the individuals you support or care for. You would also have working relationships with others that are involved in the individuals life’s like their family or professionals like their social workers or doctors. Outcome 2 1. It is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role to ensure that you are working in the way that you should be. You should follow all the correct policy’s and procedures to protect yourself and others. It is especially important when in a job in the health and social care sector as its individual’s lives you could effect by making the wrong decision. If ever you disagree with the agreed way of working then consult your employer and do not decide to go against it off your own back. If everyone in the work setting follows the correct policies and procedures then the setting should run effectively and be consistent. Outcome 3 1. Working in partnership with others is important to keep a good working relationship. It helps to work with others to get a range of ideas and also to use different people’s knowledge. 3. There are many skills and approaches that are needed when it comes to solving

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