The Role of a Health and Social Care Worker

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Learning Outcome 1- Understand working relationships in health and social care 1.1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship A working relationship is different from a personal relationship because of the boundaries, professional codes of conduct, policies and procedures that are in place in a working environment. In a working relationship you would not share personal information as you would with your friends. A working relationship is effective when everyone involved is able to do their job to a high enough standard. A professional distance must be maintained in a work environment even if you are working with someone with whom you do have a personal relationship. A personal relationship is the relationship you have with your family and friends and it is not work related. Another important difference is that if you have a falling out with someone with whom you have a personal relationship you can choose not to interact with them anymore, however, if you fall out with someone with whom you have a working relationship you will still be expected to work with them. 1.2 Describe different working relationships in health & social care settings. There are times in health and social care when the boundaries between a working relationship and a personal relationship may be challenged. This mainly happens because care workers have the people in their lives with whom they have a professional relationship (i.e. doctors or colleges) and people they closely connected to (i.e. family members), the people we care for will mostly have both of these groups in their lives. There is a third category which would be the people we choose to have in our lives (i.e. friends or a spouse), this is the group that is sometimes missing from the people we care for. When that group is missing they may look to have a closer connection with the people who
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