The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker

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UNIT 4222-206 1 /Understand working relationships in health and social care. 1.1. Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship. A. Working relationships are formed whilst within the workplace, such as work colleagues, it is necessary to maintain a professional nature whilst at work, the sense of a business relationship. It involves the concepts of teamwork, working with colleagues towards common goals of which is set out with the companies agreed ways of working, and therefore sharing same goals and purposes. A working relationship is where you are employed by someone, to act in a professional role or capacity for specific objectives and purposes which is in many cases a one way relationship. You work in a professional code of conduct with employer policies and procedures. You cannot be a friend in a working relationship because then you overstep the boundaries of being professional to a personal relationship. In a professional role you know more personal information of the client than what you are allowed to share with them. A. Personal relationships are generally formed amongst friends, family members, based on similar likes and / or social commitments. Other relationships formed or others within a social group; it creates an interpersonal relationship, often can be of a romantic nature, based on love and family bonds. Personal relationships involve family, ie - parents – mother and father, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, nephews, nieces and lastly grandparents. You share more personal information with family and close friends than you are allowed to when working in a professional role.
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