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Associates of Applied Science in Medical Office Management 1. What is the National Median Salary for the specific job you want to pursue? The National Median Salary for Medical and Health Services Manager are $41.54 hourly and $86,400.00 annually, based on degree and experience. 2. What is the demand for jobs in your geographical area (or where you plan to live after graduation)? The demand for Medical and Health Services Manager in the NJ area are quite high; the healthcare field is in big demand in NJ. 3. What is the salary in your geographical area? The salary median for my area in NJ (Southern) is $41.38 hourly and $86,100.00 annually. 4. Why did you choose to pursue a career in your geographical location? I choose to pursue a career in New Jersey because I currently reside here and NJ is one of the places I feel that needs more healthcare professionals. 5. Are there any required professional certifications; you will need to perform certain duties of the job? If so, how do you plan to meet the criteria for applying and obtaining the extra education? No, there are no required professional certifications, but it can increase your job prospects if you were to obtain your certification. The Professional Association of Healthcare Office Management(PAHCOM) offers certification as a Certified Medical Manager, and in order to be eligible you must have; three years experience working in a healthcare or medical office and earn 12 college credit hours in heath service or business management. I plan on continuing my education here at Kaplan to acheive my goals and to obtain my certification as a Certified Medial Manager. 6. Are there certain program accreditations required from your educational institution to perform certain jobs in your chosen field? Does Kaplan have that accreditation? No, there are no required program
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