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Career Exploration Paper Introduction — Give an overview of the content of the paper and identify your area of study and degree program at ECU. (This portion of the paper should be brief) Program Requirements — What degree are you pursuing? What do you need to do to prepare for entry into that school? Will you have to attend graduate school? If so, which are the best in the field? Which schools would you like to attend? Also, include the minimum GPA requirement for acceptance into the program. State whether or not your program has a limited enrollment (meaning do you have to compete to get admitted into the program) Overview of Work Environment — Describe the specific work environment in which you will be working. Describe aspects…show more content…
It is college that opens a student’s mind to a career about which she feels passionate, such as nurse anesthesia. This desire to become a part of the nursing field may come from the wish to help others or simply a family tradition. Whatever the reason, any student who wishes to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist will find that East Carolina University is capable of fulfilling both the initial nursing school and the graduate school, where she will participate in an anesthesia program. This paper’s purpose is to discuss the nursing school offered by East Carolina University, as well as explore the career of the nurse…show more content…
However, once a student graduates nursing school as a registered nurse, “at least one year of critical care experience” is required before advancing to a master’s program, says Shirley Sopko, a nurse anesthetist of eleven years. In addition to work experience, a person interested in becoming a nurse anesthetist must take one of two tests: “the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) [with a score of] 850 or higher or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) [with a score of] 386 or higher” within five years before applying to graduate school (MSN). Acceptance into the anesthesia program also depends on if the student had a GPA of at least a 3.0 during nursing school (Nurse Anesthesia). Once a student is successfully enrolled into the anesthesia program, which has a “typical length of…around 28 months”, a student will spend at least 400 hours providing anesthesia “to patients undergoing various types of surgery” (Sopko; Shurr). Students must also complete a minimum of 200 hours in the classroom learning the ins-and-outs of anesthesia and its administration, how the body will react to the anesthesia, and the pharmacology of anesthesia (Shurr). After graduation, a student must take a national certification examination to ensure that she is adequately prepared to take on the responsibilities of a nurse anesthetist, (Education). After many years

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