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Merritt Tondee Dr. Anish Dave 26 September 2012 24 November 2012 Composition 1 Occupational Therapy Since I began high school, I knew my ambition when I began college; I would want to study occupational therapy. When I was 15 years old, I broke my wrist in eight different places. Even though it was a long and painful summer, it was interesting how my therapist worked with my wrist so that I gained the full range of motion back. I knew that becoming an occupational therapist, school was the main aspect ahead of me. Occupational therapists prove therapy treatments to patients with disabilities, injuries, or illnesses in order to help the patients fully recover so that they can perform every day activities without encountering problems.…show more content…
For an occupational therapist: a Bachelor’s degree, volunteer internship, masters and/or doctoral degree, supervised fieldwork and NBCOT are required before you are able to obtain a license. A Bachelor’s Degree is required to be admitted into the OT program. Degrees such as biology, psychology, sociology, or liberal arts are all accepted. Volunteer internship requires students to have volunteered worked within OT settings before being accepted into the Master’s program. The volunteer work would be classified as a Level 1 Fieldwork. The Master’s degree is required prior entering into the Occupation Therapy field. You can further with a Doctoral Degree that can expand career opportunities. Supervised Fieldwork is a post baccalaureate degree that requires 24 week intership required that’s classified as Level II Fieldwork. NBCOT stands for National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy which is a test you must take and opass then have approval before you apply for the state licenses. Licensure is required to be an OT, also each state license. Licensure is required to be an OT, also each state has its own sets of requirements. (Nau) When searching for a job, you can either have a permanent or a traveling therapy position. Traveling occupational therapist have better benefits and higher compensation than permanent therapist. Traveling Occupational Therapists are obligated thirteen…show more content…
I will become educated in many different subjects and learn mainly about the body, bone structure and more. The salary will be a large income that I can save up towards when I have a family, living suspense and paying off my student loans. My main goal as an OT is being able to help others to the best of my ability so that they will be able to maintain their everyday life at a normal state. Once I become an OT, I plan to further my studies by becoming a specific Pediatric Occupation Therapist. In conclusion, Occupational Therapy has history, requires schooling, beneficial to the individual who conquers the career. I’ve learned tons of facts about the history of occupational therapy that I found interesting. Even though I have six years of school to accomplish, in the end it will be beneficiary for me and my family in the future. I will love my job! Work Cited Page Nau, Brent"How To Become An Occupational Therapist." Advanced Medical. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Nov.2012. <http://www.advanced-medical.net/occupational-therapy/how-to-become- an-occupational-therapist/>. "Occupational Therapy Resources." Occupational Therapy Resources. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Nov. 2012.<http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/occupational-therapy-

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