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My goal for my future is to become a nurse anesthetist. I chose this profession because I have had a lot of experience in hospitals between the both of my parents’ several admissions into the hospital. I like the fast paced environment in a hospital and the fact that I can help someone excites me. It is my personality to want to help someone but I am not the kind of person that would want to perform surgery, but I do like jobs that put me under pressure. The profession of nurse anesthetist, to me, is the perfect balance between my likes and dislikes. I am currently taking steps to get into a post secondary school that is accredited. I have researched and applied to several colleges with an accredited nursing program. I have it narrowed…show more content…
I would first need to become a registered nurse. A prerequisite for many of the nursing schools that I have looked into is to be a certified nursing assistant (CNA). I plan to acquire my CNA by the end of January of 2012 so that is one step that will be accounted for. The amount of time that it takes to become a registered nurse is two years after my first two initial years of college. The next step to becoming a nurse anesthetist is to enter a program called the RN to BSN. This program brings me a step closer to my goal. The BSN is the Bachelor of Science degree, the time period for getting this degree is usually four years. After I have attained my BSN I will be able to then proceed to get my Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). The length of time that it takes to get this certification ranges from two to three years. After I have attained my CRNA I have the choice to further advance my education or stay in that specific field. By furthering my education I can get my mastery of anesthesia and become an anesthesiologist. Right now I am leaning towards furthering my education after I have gotten my

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