Unit 2 Assignment

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RUNNING HEAD: Unit 2 Assignment Geraldine Spinner MT140: Introduction to Management Unit 2 Assignment June 21, 2014 Unit 2 Assignment *Explain how the theories presented are different from one another. *State which management theory you think is more important and why. After reading this material for this unit, I think that each theory is different in their own way. In the classical approach the highest chain of command is the management. The classical approach includes scientific, administrative, and bureaucratic management.” According to the course reading scientific management focuses on the best way to the job. Administrative management focus is the manager & basic managerial function. Bureaucractic management focus is on the guidelines structuring with formalization of rules, procedures and a clear division of labor” (Bateman &Snell, 2010). The second approach is the behavioral approach it stresses the understanding and significance of the employee needs and their attitude towards the organization. You can see this function in action the way the employee works as a team, the way they communicate openly, and the way the job is designed by managers. The third and final theory is the contingency approach, in this approach it is the results of the system approach, but in this theory it puts emphasis on different variables and then it finds a solution to each key variable. As a supervisor I’m always asking myself what is the right thing to do? There’s no best way to manage this theory, but to be effective the leading, planning, and controlling must be address to a particular circumstance
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