Unit 18 Working in Business Teames P1/P2/P3

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Understanding how team work. Team working can be more productive than working individually as you work with more people achieving the same goal, people who have different skills and experiences and also different strengths and weaknesses. You can split the task in to small sections and give every one something to do, this will speed the process of achieving the goal. As a team you can help each other’s and share ideas so that best work is produced. Characteristics of effective team: Defined Roles It is important to decide who is doing what and who is going to be the leader (leader should be someone who is confident and able to lead). If you working with new people, it is important to clarify each other’s strengths and weaknesses before you define roles so that you don’t make someone who is not creative to create logo. Vicky took the responsibility to defined roles and as a good team member she have discus with us if we want to do it before she made us to get on with in. Good communication It is important to have good communication between your team members, you need to speak and listen to each other’s, you need to be able to ask for help when you get stuck and also give opinions. Listening is important because you give chance to other members to express their ideas. When I first started work with my team we had bad communication and our leader Charlie had took the responsibility and improved this by making us to share our ideas and give our opinions. Ground rules As a team you should also make rules so that you know what you can and what you can’t do. One of the rules should be to respect each other’s so that everyone is treated equal no matter who they are and also to consult before you make something because your members may not like it. In our team spencer took the responsibility on making ground rules and acquainted us with rules so that everyone

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