Understanding Discipline M2

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M2 perform relevant activities with a high standard of self discipline We took part in an army drill exercise by learning different types of marches and ways of moving whilst marching that the army use on a daily basis. My punctuality was great i followed all of the instructions that were given to me. I was on time for the start of the exercise. My appearance was good for the types of manoeuvres we were asked to do for example we were told that to turn right we had to turn on the heel of our right foot whilst our left foot stayed on the ground then we were told to bring our left foot back next to our right foot and put it back down with a bit of a stamping motion before it hit the ground. However whilst taking part in this exercise once I had completed the set of manoeuvres set to me by the two army personnel I started to get a bit distracted and i just was looking at what the other members of the class where doing instead of waiting to be given another set of instructions by either one of the army personnel. Another area where i thought i needed improvement was how easily after completing the manoeuvres i wanted to talk to the people either side of me. If we ever did this again I would make sure that i wasn’t so easily distracted, make sure that i wasn’t wanting to distract other people. Earlier at the start of this course I and a few classmates when away with the army for a week. Whilst we were there we were given a set of army combats (a top and bottoms) and whilst we stayed with them wherever we went with them we had to wear the army combats. My punctuality and appearance for the whole entire week was brilliant. Whilst we were away with the army we learned: how to march the way the army does, we learned how to do a fireman’s carry, we learned how to try and take out a sniper with being seen and we learned what it meant to be a vital part of a team.
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