Uncer Armour Case Analysis Model

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Case Analysis Model Under Armour was founded in 1996 by former football player Kevin Plank. He had an idea for a product that would help regulate athletes’ body temperatures by wicking away moisture from the skin. He created a shirt that was lightweight and did just that. His product soon gained attention from athletes and is now worn by many sports teams and professional athletes. General Environment In each of the 7 dimensions, you should describe the dimension relative to both the industry and the firm’s position within the industry relative to the environmental dimension. Be sure to provide support for your statements. Demographic- Under Armour is popular among athletes of all ages due to its sports apparel products that are supposed to help improve performance. Most of its following has been males, but Under Armour is trying to change that with introducing new women’s clothing lines. Although its main target started out being collegiate and professional athletes that could really benefit from the use of Under Armour products, it has also obtained a following of youth, adults, and nonprofessional athletes. Some of this could be young people looking up to professional role models and wanting to wear the same products seen on the field. Most of its products are expensive due to its high quality so it targets people that have a higher income that can afford its products. Economic-Being in the textile/sports apparel industry, Under Armour must deal with increasing prices in the textile industry, increasing labor prices in China, increased shipping costs due to the oil and gas price increase, and also increased inflation. Many people are experiencing hardships due to the recession and the high unemployment rate in the United States. This could have an effect on Under Armour since its products are expensive and people may switch to substitutes if they have

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