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Two Soldiers Film and Two Soldiers Short Story Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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October 27, 2013
Mr. Miller

Comparison between Two soldiers film and Two Soldiers short story

Looking at William Faulkner's short story and William Faulkner's film we can recognize the many likenesses and differences that can come from the two.   First we will begin talking about the likenesses between the two.   First of all we see that the story line between the two things are pretty much identical. The beginning of the story and the beginning of the film start off the same way.   They both begin with them chopping wood and running off to the Killegrew's house to listen to the news about Peal Harbor.   Also, a little through the story we see that the little boy in the film and the short story pulls out a knife and cuts one of the soldiers. Second of all we see that the way they speak in the film is also like the way they speak in the short story.  
Next we will begin talking about the difference between the film Two Soldiers and the short story Two Soldiers.   Even though the short story and the film had the same soldier and knife part in it, they were still a little different in some ways also.   In the short story, the little boy seemed as if he was an annoying little boy, but in the film he seemed not annoying at all. In the book, William Faulkner led us to believe that the narrator was quite a dangerous little boy because he pulled the knife on the soldier, but in the film, he was not at all dangerous in any sort of way.   The biggest difference of all is the way the short story ended and the way the film ended.   The story ended kind of short and abrupt and did not explain it very well, but the film of Two Soldiers ended with a great ending.   They played it very well with the pun of Evan saying, "sorry maw there's alot of wood out there."   It finished it off well, rather then leaving the person wondering what actually just happened like it did in the short story.   Throughout the entire story, everyone knew who the narrator was, but the narrator of the...

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