Ralph's Power In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Tarjah Faikai CP English 1 Mrs. Power 12/15/13 Lord of the Flies essay Lord of the Flies is a novel written by William Golding. Lord of the Flies tells the story of a group of schoolboys from Britain whose plane is shot down over deserted island. There are no rules or adults on the island, so the boys begin to turn to savages. Ralph’s inability to persuade the boys to behave civilly shows the potential evil in everyone. Ralph was probably the most influential person at the beginning of the novel since he was a leader. While everyone was concerned with having fun, Ralph was more worried about doing whatever he could to get rescued. Seen in chapter 2 when Ralph says “If a ship comes near they island they may not notice us”. “We must make a fire” (38). Ralph’s ability to persuade the boys to behave civilly was most impressive until the boys slowly began to become savage. Despite Ralph’s strong morals he was still vulnerable to savagery. This is shown when he encounters the pig Chapter 7. This was a surprising change to Ralph in the novel, as it seemed like he could not control his excitement. Saying things like “I hit him! The spear stuck…show more content…
As Jack begins to rise to power Ralph no longer has a drive to even speak to the boys. This can be seen when Ralph picks up the conch to call a meeting and puts it down. He puts it down because he fears that no one will listen to him, that all his requests would be ignored. Losing all his confidence as a leader and the order on the island would diminish. After taking into account all of these things it’s wise to say that Ralph failed in his attempt to persuade the boys. He was successful in the beginning of the novel with his attempts but could not maintain that same success throughout the whole novel. His failure made the antagonist made almost everyone turn against him and turn into complete savages and made him
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