Ralph Is The Leader In Lord Of The Flies

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What is a leader? Well according to Webster’s Dictionary, it is “a person who has commanding authority or influence.” In William Golding’s book, The Lord of The Flies, Ralph is the leader. He is the leader in the book not only because of his authority and influence, but also because of his focus, determination, and his ability to help in sticky situations. Focus is something that anyone would need in the types of situations that Ralph has come across. In this book, he portrays such a focused character, because he is always thinking and he is always finding ways to keep everyone controlled. When they first got to the island, they were all panicked and afraid. Here Ralph steps up and lays down some simple rules for the boys to follow…show more content…
He was such a problem solver, always coming up with new ideas and strategies to help. “Think.’ what was the sensible thing to do? There was no piggy to talk sense. There was no solemn assembly for debate nor dignity of the conch…Break the line. A tree. Hide, and let them pass…Hide was better than a tree because you had a chance of breaking the line if you were discovered.” (p. 196-197). Here is where Jack and the other hunters are searching for Ralph and he is trying to come up with the best solution for his survival. In that quote, it shows Ralph’s ability to think under pressure. Ralph had to problem-solve a lot in The Lord of The Flies. “Listen, everybody. I’ve got to have time to think things out…we’ve got to decide if this is an island. Everybody must stay round here and wait and not go away. Three of us – if we take more we’d get all mixed and lose each other – three of us will go on an expedition and find out. I’ll go, and Jack.” (p. 23-24). This is a great example of Ralph’s problem solving ability, because here he shows that right off, in the beginning of the book he is a leader and is able to calmly address what is going to happen and why. He also shows it in other ways too, because when they had no food, he had to figure out where to try and find some. Or when the fire went out, he had to figure out how they were to keep it going, and who was going to keep it lit. And when the boys were fighting, he had to think of a way to bring them back together. If only the other boys in the tribes would have done their part, everything would have gone perfectly. But for the most part, Ralph did the best job in doing what he needed to do and he helped out so much by problem solving and coming up with great ideas to help out everyone in the sticky situations that they faced on the

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