Is Ralph Mindful In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the flies’ essay In the book lord of the flies by William Golding Ralph changes from being mindful to becoming a failure, to end up being determined. In the beginning of the book Ralph is mindful because he tries to avoid conflict and keep everything organized. The boys elect a leader they choose Ralph and Ralph sees how jack wanted to be the leader and asks him to be a hunter to try and avoid further conflict. It shows that Ralph does not want to fight over who leads and just gives jack the chance to be a hunter and lead a small group. Ralph and piggy came up with the idea that when they blow the conch shell that means a meeting is about to start, also whoever has the conch has permission to speak. This shows that Ralph is not only mindful but organized because he using simple rules that we would use to keep organized. Moreover Ralph to builds huts to survive the weather in the island. This is showing use that Ralph understands what it takes to avoid the weather in the…show more content…
Piggy was Ralph to blow the conch and call a meeting but ralph was scared that no one would come and say that he is going to relinquish leadership of the group. This shows that he is a failure as a leader because he has no authority over no one and a leader without any authority is no leader at all. Furthermore he does something that he said was a waste of time he goes hunting and manages to hit a boar and gets excited and wants everyone to know. Ralph is showing us that he is a failure by doing something that he wouldn’t have done in chapter 1-4. Then Ralph gets depressed again and needs piggy to cheer him up with a good idea that might help them get rescued. This shows that Ralph is a failure as a leader because there is someone else that more capable of being a leader and needs no help getting out of

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