Love Actually Film Review + Opinion

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“Love Actually,” is a romantic comedy about the twists and turns that people go through when in love. The movie looks into the lives of several characters to show the ups and downs that they encounter in their relationships. Each couple had their own set of barriers to overcome. Some of the problems dealt with were cultural and gender bias, and just everyday things that make being in love a hard task. Most of the film’s half-dozen or so romantic subplots involve workplace routines of one kind or another. The ones with the best chances of success all involve an older male boss and a young female subordinate or people from different nationality. The funniest and best on-the-job romance appears between two people who work as body doubles on a movie set, playing sex scenes in the absence of the porn stars. As their naked bodies go through the motions, the two of them talk about traffic and the weather, and their mutual attraction is sealed, on the first date, by a kiss on the cheek. The other genuine comic spark comes from a washed-up, dissolute rock star named Billy Mack, who is trying for a comeback with a plagiarized Christmas record. Billy says shocking, hilarious things in television and radio interviews, and his casual indifference to proper decorum makes him the most honest character in the film; which is the reason for which I chose this story. Billy doesn't care for what kind of vocabulary he uses and that is what makes him so authentic (Note that he uses the British expression “arse” instead of the American one “ass”). Billy actually reminds me of one of the characters on the British series Shameless. This film had a really good beginning and a not-so-good end, as at the end stops being a romantic comedy and finishes at Heathrow airport as a romantic movie, thus ruining the end. I don't remember this film as a very tricky to understand one because of
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