Bum Rush The Living Baseheads Analysis

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“P.E. in effect buoooyyyy!!!!!” Indeed, Flavor. After Bum Rush The Show was depreciated by the rap landscape, Public Enemy soon took over after releasing one of the most important rap albums of all time in 1988. The fact that this album birthed an entire rap genre is an accomplishment in itself. Nevermind the actual songs, just the presence of Chuck D and Flav was enough to revolutionize a nation. They had the perfect approach from the start; everybody wants to be apart of a revolution and rebellion. From their very first single - Rebel Without A Pause - the image of Public Enemy suddenly shifted into a rebellious, black rap group. They were the same group they were on their debut, but now they were louder. They looped an annoying whistle sound for five minutes just because the average non-rap listener didn’t like it. Hell, I don’t know if I like it but i’m not gonna play devil’s advocate, I want to be part of the rebellion too. I want Chuck D’s…show more content…
The sound is loud, and for the most part has aged well. The mosh pit of noises that occurs in The Night Of The Living Baseheads is truly outstanding while still being listenable. Regarding the annoying sounds, it’s clear that Public Enemy doesn’t really care if you like it or not, it’s the fact that they dare you to not like it is what makes it listenable. And honestly I don’t think the ‘whistle’ sample of Rebel Without A Pause is as bad as the constant squeal sound in Don’t Believe The Hype. The other factor that takes away from this album is the two rock-rap songs, (She Watch Channel Zero!? & Party For Your Right to Fight). Maybe it’s a personal bias, because I never really like when rap and rock fuse, but I totally think they are in much better form when rapping over James Brown samples. Otherwise I can’t see any other flaws with this album. Chuck D performs like no other, and the Flavor Flav element is unique and essential to this album’s

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