Truman's Role In The Vietnam War

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The departure of American and Soviet troops from Korea in 1949- The Russians left the communist government in the North with a strong, Soviet-equipped army. The Americans left the pro-Western government in the south with a fairly small military which was used to suppress internal opposition. The weakness of the south was a strong incentive to nationalists in the North Korean government who wanted to reunite the country again. North Korea attacks: June 24, 1950- The role of Soviet Union in North Korea's invasion plans remains unclear however there is reason to believe the North acted without Stalin's prior approval; this was stemmed from the vulnerability of the South and the fact that the American government implied that it did not consider…show more content…
He sought to negotiate a solution with them and insisted that there is no wider war. MacArthur's going public in arguing for war with China- General MacArthur insisted the U.S was fighting the Chinese and that it should attack China either by an invasion or a bombing of the border. He was warned by Truman more than once to keep his objections to himself. However in March 1951, he wrote a letter to House Republican leader Joseph W. Martin stating “There is no substitute for victory”. Shortly after he was relieved of command which caused a huge public outrage. Negotiation over POW's and stalemate- Negotiating POW's was tricky, each side had their own views however a document called “Terms of Reference” outlined the steps for POW's to be allowed to go free. Once the UN assisted the South Koreans they were able to route them back deep into North Korean territory until the Chinese got involved and pushed them back past Seoul and recaptured the capital a second time. The UN was able to regain the territory recently lost and pushed the North and Chinese forces back across the 38th parallel once
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