Formation Of Nations Dbq

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The Membership of the League had a poor start. First, the idea of the League came from Woodrow Wilson. But the USA refused to join. This left Britain and France, but they weren't strong enough to carry out the duties of the League after WW1. It was often the cases of self interest that these two nations resorted too. In Manchuria, Britain and France were unwilling to send their armies nor fleets, in Abyssinia, they did not close the Suez Canal , which could have stopped Mussolini's invasion and they did not ban important war materials such as coal, oil and steel. The USSR was the only country powerful enough to send troops to force the aggressors into accepting the League's wishes, but they weren't in the League. Without the USA, the League was permanently weakened. Had the USA been in the league, Japan wouldn't have conquered Manchuria and Mussolini would have backed off Abyssinia. The Manchurian Crisis proved the League to be ineffective and slow. It took a year for the League to investigate the issue. When produced , the League accepted the Lytton report and told Japan to withdraw from Manchuria. Japan refused and invaded Jehol, another province of China. It left the League in 1933. Excuses were given for all sorts of reasons. Britain did not want troubles in the far east disrupting its trade with Japan, nor were they too send their navy, the French had no interest of sending…show more content…
Without the USA ,it could not carry its duties responsibly. When faced against aggressors, it could do nothing. Britain and France often acted in their self interests. The Hoare Laval Pact showed that that two of the League's most powerful members were wiling to work against the League.The USSR was the only one that could have sent troops but it was not in the League. The Manchurian Crisis was pretext for the failure of the League. The membership of the League was the foundations for the failure of the
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