Trip to Florida

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My Trip to Florida The Sunshine State, The Orange State, The Crocodile State, all nicknames made for this marvelous state, Florida. Florida is a very remarkable place to be and is an amazing place to go for vacation. Many people look at the great things in Florida as the beautiful sightseeing, the history, and the sports. But to me, Florida is full of many other great things. Such as the hot girls, the miraculous sea food, and the some of most gorgeous beaches ever seen. One of the many great things about Florida is the sea food. One of the many places I ate at was the Global Grill. Their catfish was the most amazing fish I have ever had. But I mean, what do you expect; fresh food right off the coast of Florida, it was absolutely astounding! Now I see why it was rated 4.5 stars! Another place I ate at was Peg Leg Pete’s. When I first walked in, I already knew it was going to be a good meal, just the smell and the comfort feeling of it assured me of it; and sure enough it was! After I finished my plate, I thought to myself, “I am most definitely eating here again!” Although the seafood was marvelous, it would not have been as good as it was, without the beaches. Another miraculous thing about Florida was the beaches! The very first day there, I made sure to go to Pensacola Beach! Even though my family wasn’t as exited and energetic as I was, I made sure we went there first! And oh my I had a blast! I think Pensacola Beach is not only good for the ocean, but for the ladies. I mean I know there are a lot of pretty girls in this world, but I think most of them hang out around Pensacola, because my gosh there was a bunch there! I don’t even know what I enjoyed more, the beach or the girls! Now, the sea food and the beach was great, but after a long day of looking at girls and being at the beach and eating sea food, I think comes the best part! Which Is chilling out

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