Transformational Leadership Essay

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Topics Introduction: Transformational leadership concept: Qualities of Transformational leadership: Strength and Criticisms: Conclusion: Transformational Leadership Theory Introduction: Transformational leadership is a process that changes and transforms people. Transformational leadership gives the followers or employees in an organization, an inspiration and empowerment to succeed. Transformational leadership style is all about empowering employee, satisfying their needs and treating them as full human being. Transformational leadership is about helping others to reach their goals which are in align with organizational goals. In the following paragraphs we will discuss and define what factors differs between Transformational leadership versus Transactional leadership. As we all know, we all like to have an opportunity for self-development and transformational leadership is all about motivating the followers and self-development to achieve great success. Just to give an introduction by an example: Mohandas Gandhi is a classic example of transformational leadership. Gandhi raised the hopes and demands of millions of his people, and, in the process, was changed himself. Another example is life of Ryan White, who raised AIDS awareness among Americans and in the process became a spokesperson for increasing government support of AIDS research. Transformational leadership concept: Transformational leadership is all about impact it has on the followers. Basic concept of transformational leadership is all about inspiring and empowering employees or followers to get motivated and perform outstanding work. The leadership is not about the leaders alone. The transformational leadership is about leaders who possess the intrinsic value and charisma to motivate followers and empower them to accomplish more results. There are two types of

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