The Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama's Yes We Can

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Barack Obama - “Yes We Can” Barack Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’ speech presented in Nashua, New Hampshire on the 8th of January 2008 is a defining moment in his career due to it’s implications to Obama’s presidential campaign. The speech was presented in Nashua South High School Gym on the night of the New Hampshire primary, where Obama lost marginally to Hilary Clinton. The audience of the speech is the people in the high school gym, but the target audience is the whole of America, as the speech was televised and available to Americans. In this speech, he aims to persuade the people of America that their quality of life can be improved. Barack Obama portrays this by using various persuasive techniques to interest his audience and his famous quote, “Yes We Can.” He uses the unity words “We” and “You” repeatedly throughout the speech. The speech is intended to show that he is the leader of the team yet more importantly he is still a part of the team. The message of the speech is “Yes we can change, if you elect me.” Obama continually repeats this message as he wanted to drive it home to the audience. He includes the people and make them a sense of being participants. He shows authority and confidence in his speeches which in turn, makes the world more comfortable with him leading us.…show more content…
All people from different back rounds identify that the speech was appealing, because of President Obama’s powerful, inspiring rhetoric of hope and change to represent his stands on issues such as climate, energy, service and the Iraq war. Also he spoke about Universal Health Care and Education. The speech was simple but eloquent and had a very strong yet upbeat, friendly
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