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Tiffany Furino In between two worlds of running Throughout my life I have enjoyed running, I have been a competitive runner since second grade. There hasn’t been one year in my life when I wasn’t training for the next season of running. I haven’t been able to stick to one type of running, people usually chose between long or short distance; but I love both. Outsiders don’t seem to understand the difference between Cross County, and Track and field. As being an insider in the running world, track and cross country are two completely different worlds, and I have found myself stuck in between both. Comparing these two different types of running is a lesson for me to remember and lesson to teach new learners. Track is a very competitive sport. Nobody will ever hear the words easy or quitting is the life of a track runner. There are many short distance runs you can choose from, and not many long ones. The shortest run is 100 meters, and the longest is the 2 mile. Each track meet is like another day in hell for many runners, losing one race is the worst feeling. Nobody gets to lose as a team; they have to lose as an individual. The adrenaline from track is indescribable; each runner is also constantly pressured. Track is nothing like cross country, it’s never relaxed, and it’s never calm. Track is only on a ‘’track’’, runners don’t get to explore the outer world during meets and practice. Track practice is the most horrific pain; there isn’t one day a runner gets a break. Track practice is every day of the week, and the meets (races) are on Saturdays. After a day of track practice, a person can feel great disorientation. Besides the hard work and stress brought from track, it’s also the most amazing feeling when a race is won. Finishing the race first is like having all your dreams come true. Track also consists of field events, a runner can choose to participate in

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