Torture Teaching Tactic

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Torture Teaching Tactic The essay “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris deals with the author’s experience with a French language teacher while studying French in Paris. His teacher seems to be a very impatient, sadistic sort of person who belittles her students by taking advantage of their inability to fully comprehend her insults. An example of this is how she utterly insults a polish woman’s introduction of herself. Though the Polish woman didn’t fully comprehend the rebuke, it was likely her tone and demeanor caused the student to withdraw in shame. She seemed to intentionally shame and humiliate her students in order to force them to comprehend and speak French fluently. It seemed to have motivated Sedaris to be a very conscientious student. He did not allow her accusations of laziness to get him down. His mission was to prove her wrong. He spent hours on homework and painstaking studies. All this did not stifle his sense of humor. He used it as a means to diffuse his anxiety and to empower himself against this cruel women who now had to contend with his wise antics like in the exercise where he finishes a sentence by using humor in the example of the wooden leg. He puts up with her intolerable methodology and in the end has a wonderful opening in the midst of tirade towards him. He realizes for the first time he can fully comprehend every word that comes out of her. Although his own reply was full of errors, I sensed a triumph on his part. I had a somewhat similar experience with a Spanish teacher at Laney Community College in Oakland. Mrs. Rosa my Spanish teacher was not as ludicrous and consistently rude like Sedaris’s teacher but she would say mean remarks like “You don’t know Spanish…! You don’t know nothing…! You don’t do your homework…! You no study…! You never pass the class…! Stupid!!! She really did not directly speak to me
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