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Con Artist in Brody Brody generalizes how women utilize power over men in the psychological sense. He uses dialogue and irony throughout the story to show the events that trended himself into becoming a teacher. He also shows us how women can be used as incentive purposes to reach a goal. It is my purpose to show these techniques and how effective they can be. Connecting with the story was easy to do because it was ironic how women seem to be motivating factors for men. For instance, “what I failed to perceive was that Debbie all this while was going steady with a junior from a neighboring school – a hockey player, with a C+ average. The revelation hit me hard, and for a while I felt like disgorging and forgetting everything I had learned” (155). Brody goes into another example of irony by stating how school was not easy for him and then concluding the story saying, “although the original incentive was gone, I continued poring over the encyclopedias, as well as an increasing number of other books. Having savored the heady wine of knowledge, I could not now alter my course” (156). The irony here is no one would have thought someone like him would turn out like he did, and continue to better himself to later become a teacher. His use of dialogue allows you to see what he saw and see what he felt. So for example, if I say, “Shut up! You don’t know what you talking about.” From this statement you can tell that my tone is angered and frustrated. Dialogue is a really important part of an essay. Its sets the tone of how a story is going to turn out. Brody drew me in with the revelation that girls are very manipulative in getting boys to achieve goals beyond their means. His quote on page 153 states, “I purchased volume I – Aardvark to asteroid – and began my adventure into the world of knowledge. I would henceforth become a seeker of facts” (Brody). His view of this

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