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Anthony Keith Gwynn or Tony Gwynn to the great fans of baseball, was born on May 9, 1960 in Los Angeles, California. To many Tony Gwynn was, and still is a role model to many men and young boys. Gwynn was the kind of athlete that athletes everywhere were compared to. Tony Gwynn had a .338 batting average and only bated below .300 for one season in his career. Many would compare Gwynn to Joe DiMaggio, Rogers Hornsby and Ken Griffey Jr., but the only one he comes close to comparing to is Ken Griffey Jr., the other two, are in a totally different era of baseball. Gwynn was drafted in 1982 by the San Diego Padres, and on the same day he was drafted by San Diego Clippers. Gwynn reached his 3,000 hit mark in only 2,284 games. Only Ty Cobb and Nap Lajoie were faster. On the all-time hit list he is listed 45 with 3,141 hits. He has had 4 batting titles, 4 seasons in a row he reached the 200 hit mark. He was a 15 time All-Star, 5 time silver slugger, 5 time Gold Glover, and a 12 time MVP award winner. Tony Gwynn was one of the all-time greatest ball players America has ever seen and probably ever see. Early Life Anthony Keith Gwynn was born on May 9, 1960 in Los Angeles, California. During his childhood Gwynn always had an attachment to team sports. During his childhood his father, him, and his two brothers would go out and play baseball. "We'd just cut up socks on the line, put rubber bands around them and call them baseballs, even though they were the size of golf balls," the player told Sports Illustrated. "The pitcher would only be 15 feet away. I figure if you could hit one of those things, you could hit a baseball." Tony Gwynn was strongly influenced by his parents presence during his childhood. "They just instilled in me a will to treat people right," he recalled in the Los Angeles Times. "No big thing. Just treat them in the manner in which you were treated." In

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