Tokenism and Women’s Promotion in the Entertainment Business

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Tokenism and Women’s Promotion in the Entertainment Business Tokenism is preventing women’s promotion in the entertainment industry. Tokenism in the workplace has been an issue for women ever since women started working in male-dominated jobs. This is also seen in the entertainment industry where it is also a male dominated sector and women are being tokens in expense of their gender and desire to be an artist. But, when women are being chosen for the same roles, the same sound and look, their opportunities for promotion are being prevented tremendously, limiting them to do only certain jobs. Media is how we change the view of the world and when women are constantly generalized and understated as such, not only are the women who are in the entertainment industry are affected, but so is the way the society looks at women is. Tokenism is the insincere effort of recruiting people from underrepresented groups to be perceived racially or sexually equal. Tokenism is seen mainly in the workspace and is an issue that women have to deal with ever since they started working in jobs that were male-dominated or jobs that were expected to be done by men not women. ‘’Denial of the relevance of gender to opportunity, aspiration, and achievement is commonplace in members of both classes. Nevertheless, gender-class membership is profoundly consequential in social life.(THE SOCIAL CONTEXT OF TOKENISM) ‘’ This statement is relevant to our topic in hand, where it is constantly stated that there is no inequality of gender in the entertainment industry, that it is one of the more gender-equal organizations but this is not true. By denying the relevance of gender to opportunity, assuming that women have an equal opportunity at all times prevents women’s promotion because; stating this indicates that if women are not in the higher statuses it is because they were not able

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