To What Extent Did Luther’s Challenge to the Catholic Church Change in the Years 1517-1521?

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To What extent did Luther’s challenge to the Catholic Church change in the years 1517-1521? During the period of 1517-1521, Luther’s challenge and also his views towards the Catholic Church went through a series of changes. In chronological these are the main reasons why I think his evolution in ideas occurred: Luther being threatened by Cardinal Cajetan; Luther being questioned by Eck in Leipzig; His publishing of his 3 books in 1520 and his attendance at the Diet of Worms in 1921. On the 31st October 1517 Luther’s publishing of the The 95 theses was the backdrop to his challenge to the church and is what got everybody’s attention, in mainly focused in on the selling of indulgences was wrong (would not guarantee your entry to heaven and also morally wrong) and that sole fide (faith alone) would get a soul into heaven. Despite this was the first time his views had been published, there was no distinct change to his views it was only the fact that Johann Tetzel’s selling of indulgences in Germany had contributed to him publishing the 95 theses. However this was the first time his ‘Challenge’ to the Catholic Church was made to the mass public, which is very significant. Following on from his 95 theses, the Threats from Cardinal Cajetan and the debate with Johann Eck were the first real responses from the Catholic Church and a chance for Luther to show what he believed in. In 1518 Luther had been instructed to go to Rome to withdraw his theses but he refused and so the Pope sent Cardinal Cajetan to Germany, he then summoned Luther to Augsburg. For several days he made clear that the pope was not happy and threatened Luther without terrible punishments if he did not withdraw his theses; however Luther’s viewpoint remained unchanged. Luther argued that he would only withdraw his views if he could be proved wrong by the bible alone. This shows the development of his
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