The Catholic Church In The 1300s

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The Catholic Church Why did the Catholics become angry at the Catholic Church in the 1300s? During the Reformation problems happen in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was in chaos. They weren’t focus on people’s lives; they were focused on money and affairs. Martin Luther and John Calvin were in the Reformation they were determined to reform the Catholic Church. The Pope led the Catholic Church and also decided weather, a person gets into heaven. Problems happen in the Catholic Church but there were important people that reform the church. In the 14th and 15th century problems began to happen in the Catholic Church. The Catholics were frustrated with the church because the church wasn’t about people’s lives; it was about…show more content…
The Catholics may have been angry with the church but their church got reform and that’s what they wanted. The Catholic Church had no choice but to sale indulgence that was the pope’s orders and back in that time the Catholics followed the pope. The Catholic Church spent their money on unnecessary things. The church didn’t think wisely, but all of that changed because Martin Luther reformed the church and John Calvin helped. The pope lead the church and decided a person gets into heaven, but William Tyndale believes that if you believe in Jesus Christ as your Savoir then you’ll get into heaven, and I believe the same things as Tyndale, you shouldn’t have to prove yourself to the pope that you deserve to go to heaven and the pope shouldn’t get to decide. The Catholic Church had problems but some important people took charge and reformed the Catholic Church. Works Cited “History of Catholic Church”. “History of Catholic Church – Renaissance and Reformation”. 2010. <> 13 April, 2011 Wilkinson, Philip. Christianity. New York: DK Publishing Inc, 2003. Spielvogel, J. Jackson. PH. D. Discovering Our Past: Medieval and Early Modern Times. Woodland Hills, Ca: Glencoe, 2006. 423 -
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