the three main roles of congress

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The Three Main Roles of Congress Congress has three main responsibilities which for the most part consist of working with the senate and the president to pass laws, deciding how to spend the nations’ budget, and shaping foreign policy. While congress has many other known and unknown jobs, these are the most well known and in the publics eyes the most important jobs performed by them. While the president is the Commander in Chief he still answers, in a way, to congress. For example, in order to pass any law, no matter how insignificant or weird, it must pass through congress in a series of votes. Also they have the sole right to undermine the president in the situation that they disagree with a bill or law he is trying to pass, in other words, declare it unconstitutional. The budget, now more than ever, is another very important responsibility of congress; I say that because the economy is in near crisis and congress must do its job and decide how much to spend on what in order to fix the current mortgage slum. Though they are not confined to deciding economic budget disputes, they must also decide how much can be spent on war expenses. Foreign policy is equally if not more important than the two previous roles of congress, for congress alone has the last say in a declaration of war and whether or not it goes through. While the president is in command of the military, he cannot legally go to war with another country without permission in the form of a vote from congress. While Congress may not be the strictest of professions, they play a very important role in the present day government of America, be it how to spend our money, passing laws, or foreign
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