Ap Government Cps 8,9, and 10

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The government has to have many components for it to be as complex as it is. Political parties, nominations and campaigns, and elections and voting behavior only make up a part of the governments wide variety. No one but people who are involved really knows how much time, money, and energy are put into elections. In this essay, you will learn about the following components of the government: political parties, nominations and campaigns, and elections and voting behavior. Political parties are a large part of the government. Even they are not supposed to, they basically control the government. Nominations and campaigns utilize a lot of time, energy, and money. Lastly, elections and voting behavior are the final step for one to obtain presidency. Political parties are a big part of the government. The meaning of a political party is “a team of men and women seeking to control the government apparatus by gaining office in a duly constituted election” (Edwards 242). The tasks of the parties are to pick candidates, run the campaigns, give views to voters, articulate policies, and coordinate policymaking. The party in the electorate consists of symbolic images and ideas. Most voters have a party image, which is when they think the party stands for. They also have party identification, which is a self-proclaimed preference for one party or the other. Some people like to ticket split which means that they vote for one party for one office and another party for another office. There are three types of party organizations. They consist of local parties, the 50 state party system, and national party organizations. The local parties have party machines that use patronage. The 50 state party system has three kinds of primaries. There are the closed primaries, which is an election where voters have to be pre-registered to vote for that party’s candidates, encouraging party
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